August Construction Update for Kingslea Broadmeadows

22 Aug 2022

Jason is back on site this week not just with a construction update, but also too provide us with an insight into the history of Kingslea.

For those of you who aren’t aware, the Kingslea site was once the home of the Hard Yakka factory. With this in mind, we wanted to pay hommage to the site’s history by utilising some of the bricks from the old factory and incorporating them into to some of our new homes. The result is amazing.

To see the result and Jason’s latest construction update, check out the video below…

Jason’s August Construction Update Video for Kingslea.

Hi it’s Jason from Kingslea Broadmeadows. I’m currently standing in front of what might just look like a bunch of bricks, however these are very, very special bricks!

When we purchased the block of land here back 4-5 years ago, there was a factory. This facroty was the original manufacturing plant for Hard Yakka. The Hard Yakka Factory, was a manufacturer of work clothing for many Australian industries and when the building was being demolished, the developers decided that they want to pay homage back to the original building in some way.

So we’ve kept a whole bunch of the original bricks from the factory and we’re reconstituting these bricks back into some of the homes as we build them. There are a select few homes which will feature this including some Parkview’s, Abode’s and Soho’s. There are a few walls which have now been completed with this brick and it looks absolutely sensational.

One of the Abode homes has these bricks installed as a feature wall and it really gives the home not only its own personality but also gives the whole project a heap of life. It’s so different for something in Broadmeadows. So we’re really please with house this has come out.”

Construction Update


“I can tell you right now we’ve got timber being delivered for some of our Soho’s which are our 2 bedroom, 3-story Torrens titled townhouses in stage one.

They are humongous! There is 155 square meters of living space which huge for a two bedroom home in the Broadmeadows area.”


We also have the Tribeca’s barriers up, flooring and windows going in. The framing will be craned up hopefully today and in the next week we will have frames up as well as roof trusses which is really exciting.

The Tribeca’s at the back of the project, have got the external walls being cladded and the internal plasterboard has begun. They’re looking an absolute treat and not too far away now.


“We’ve got rough-in going in at the Loft’s with Electricians there at the moment.


We’re not too far away from handing over Parkview’s from stage 1, which are 3 bedroom town homes. These homes are also available in stage 2, however they are now known as the Brooklyn.

Stage 2:

“Where all this framing is at the moment, for the Tribecca’s, is all going to be moved in the next day or two, and then we start stage two, which is really exciting.

So the expectation of stage 2 being handed over is sort of between July next year and March 2024 then we’ll start underway with stage number three.

There is also going to be a retail precinct here, which is just going to be absolutely sensational with cafes and fitness centres, childcare, medical, chemist, hairdresser, either a Coles or potentially an Aldi -something like that going to go in here as well.

Thanks for tuning in for the update and if you have any questions please give me a call. Have a great day!

If you’re interested in securing a lot, give Jason a call on 0427 807 818 or click here.