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Gorway Projects

Founded on decades of experience, Gorway Projects operates in the Melbourne market with passion and knowledge to build and develop communities in existing residential zones of Melbourne. Cornerstone to Gorway Projects’ vision is liveability and creating beautiful residential communities that people love to call their home.

Build Partner
Rendition Homes

Over many years Rendition have delivered thousands of homes. They pride themselves in building homes that are unique and exceed the expectations of their clients.


Tectvs is a collaborative architecture and design studio with offices nationally. Tectvs seek to surprise, delight and enhance the spaces of their clients. Since 1989, they have translated the wants and needs of people into spaces and structures that benefit everyone involved.

Interior Decorator
Modello Studios

Modello Studios is more than a colour selection room It is where people’s dreams come alive. Angela Eden, the lead interior decorator, takes residents through the transformation of their plan into their beautiful new home. At Kingslea, Angela utilises the same principles in creating special finishes for future residents to enjoy.