Site of Iconic Australian Brand

The site on the corner of Blair Street and King William Street was home to an iconic Australian brand – Hard Yakka – for the last 50 years.

Commencing its life as a small clothing company by David J. Laidlaw in the 1930’s, the legendary Hard Yakka brand has grown to become synonymous with high quality and durable workwear.

The next few decades saw the production of Hard Yakka workwear expand with high demand and a new administration and manufacturing plant was established in Broadmeadows in 1963. Broadmeadows was now the new headquarters of Hard Yakka. The production plant at Broadmeadows was an employment hub for many local residents as well as skilled migrants who utilised their crafts in the now historic sewing room.

The Hard Yakka brand continues to grow and innovate in workwear in much larger production facilities and operations ceased at the Broadmeadows plant in 2013. Now the site where Hard Yakka once was, is about to emerge into a new residential community – Kingslea Broadmeadows.

In the transformation of the site, Kingslea Broadmeadows will pay homage to the history of its past and embrace the contemporary living options of the future.